That Silent Close 🤫


Another great ad example 🙂
A trick to increase Conversion
And I show you the silent close I used last week

– (A lot of people asked to see this so I’m sharing)


A Great Ad Example:

This is a clever ad idea – and the client absolutely loved it!
We took one of the most common replies to our previous ads
“How do you remember to take this after a night out”
And used that as the basis for our new creative

Click the preview below to watch it!
I also included the client’s testimonial so you can hear how pleased he was


Something Interesting:

Brands spend a lot of time and energy creating ads and content to drive traffic to
their Shopify store or website.

But what happens when they get there?

Well 99% don’t actually buy (and that’s in good case scenario)

By improving that 1% conversion to a 2% – you can literally double your revenue.

Have you thought of it like that before?

Here’s a video showing 3 ways to improve your Conversion Rate by just 1%



Don’t let your excellent creative efforts go to waste
Convert those sessions!


Try This:


I’m really not sure how many of you reading this are service business owners.
Or spend much time doing high ticket sales where this would be relevant

So please, reply to this email and give me a quick intro to what you do 🙂

But a lot of people (116 to be exact) requested to see this video on our Instagram

I didn’t think this was too interesting at first but the people spoke

So here it is:

The Silent Close

1 minute 48 seconds of utter discomfort while I waited for the prospect to agree to our terms.

And he did.. with a deposit taken on call.

(All perosnal info is retracted)

Hope you find some value here
Try it for yourself

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