Apply the 3 Ms when you’re creatively bankrupt!

Have you ever been creatively bankrupt or have you ever heard of being creatively bankrupt before?

Well does this sound like you’re not able to come up with fresh ideas or whenever you have an idea you sort of struggle to get that out there and turn it into reality?

Or perhaps you’re in a meeting or a whiteboard session or like a brainstorm session, but you feel like you’re not giving anything and you’re not really coming up with great concepts that means you could be creatively bankrupt.

So it’s happened to me quite a lot as a creative agency owner and my team, they get creatively bankrupt.

So here’s the solution we found to getting your edge back when this ever happens to you. If this ever happens to us or our team,


We apply the three M’s, music, movement and meaning. It’s a really great way to get in a slump.

We just put on some great music, we like to have deep house like, chill music on in here, just crank that up a little bit movement, you can do whatever you want, but we have foam rollers in here. We get up, we walk around and we grab a coffee.

We also have the pitching putt that just gets our body moving and then we have meaning.

So we take a second to think about what it is that we’re doing here.

Why am I spending my time everyday building this company or why am I doing all these edits?

What’s the meaning behind it?

What am I trying to build, what am I trying to get better at?

Zoom out, go a wee bit macro and realise that what it is you’re doing has purpose.

And actually when you apply all those things, you come back a little bit of inspiration, you feel real good and it’s much easier to get back into a more creative mindset.

So applying 3 M’s.

Next time you are creatively bankrupt and let me know how you get on.

Check out a video we made on this: