Facebook Marketing Creative Partners

As Facebook Marketing Creative Partners, we have the latest juice coming directly from Facebook themselves ? They have said:

“If you want to lower your CPAs, aim for higher creative quality… Above-average ad quality scores had a 58% lower average cost per install and a 32% lower average cost per purchase compared to ads with quality scores in the lowest 10%.”

This means that the better the quality content you use in your ads, the better your ads will perform. ? We have said this for a while as we know it to be true from our own data. ?

But sometimes you need to hear it from the horses mouth to take action on investing into your content. Not only will it improve your brands image, it’s an action that increase sales too. ? This is also why we take such a big responsibility for the actual creative that we run as ads. We know what gets views and clicks and what gets scrolled right over. Most of the time clients don’t have the perfect content.