Get more CLICKS on your ads

Ok, you got the consumer’s attention – nice hook!

They stayed for a while to learn more about your product – good job on the hold!

But how do you make sure they NEVER scroll past your video?

You need to master the CLICK
This is measured as Click Through Rate % (CTR)

In our framework “HOOK, STORY, OFFER”

The OFFER is what really gets the click
When we ask someone to click, this is the CALL TO ACTION

So here are the 2 best ways to get that click with a great Call To Action or Offer.

Most people do this:

“Click now to buy”
“Shop now / Buy now”

This is weak and is usually why we don’t see big CTRs


Touch on the core pain points and USPs you have just spent the entire video focusing on.

Add it to your Call To Action

Eg: “Shop now to remove those coffee jitters”

OR highlight a USP
Eg “Buy now to become your most productive self”

See how that can increase your ads ‘clickability’ ?


Present a great offer!

At the bare minimum, you should at least have your email welcome offer present in your ads.

Because whether you want to run a big offer or not, the email 10% (that you should have) will be there when they land.

So either present that..
Or build a better offer

Eg “Shop now and get 25% off your first order!”


Those are both great Call To Actions

Certainly better than what most brands are putting out right now
And will increase your Click Through Rate

But… Now bring them together
And you have a super Offer Call To Action

“Shop now to avoid the coffee jitters and get 25% off your first order!”

Woah, just brilliant

Now go measure your CLICK THROUGH RATE, test some options
Watch your CTR increase
Your sessions will improve

And you’ll get more sales!

Hope this helps you


P.S, If you want to jump on a call and learn more about how we can help do this
FOR YOU, book a call now!