We asked the digital marketing team what they learned this quarter that was impactful in their role and for our clients growth and success :nerd_face:

Here are the 5 main take aways they said.

Perhaps you apply some of this to your business! After all, this team is scaling businesses to multi million pounds in annual revenue :moneybag::chart_with_upwards_trend:

So asked our team what was their main take away from Q1 of 2022..
And here is what they said!
Business owners, (and agencies..) take note, this is a multi 6 fig team sharing their learnings for you.


“Make sure to warm up the new TikTok pixel before moving to purchase conversions. This will save you money and help you scale quicker. The media buying game is about to change!”

Jack – Media Manager

“Learning new techniques and creative framework is proving to be very effective. Short form content is leading the way with attention spans getting shorter” 

Matt – Videographer

“Making small but important tweaks with how we operate on content shoot days (lightening and scripting) is proving key in producing high quality assets for our clients and lets us produce both long and short form videos with ease”

Paul – Marketing Director

“Get your business in order if you want to scale. Making sure you have creative assets ready, tracking pixels installed on your site early and actively emailing your list (or building one if you haven’t yet) will speed up the growth process massively when working with an agency.

Jack K – Operations Director

“Our email marketing flows have been producing great results for clients. Make sure you have them in order, and if your brand is international, consider translating your emails and ads into the native language and geo target!”

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