NETFLIX can help you grow

Netflix can help elevate your business with the recent release and success of Full Swing and Drive to Survive just coming back this week, it had me thinking more about these in depth behind the scenes media formats and how it’s helping shape content for the better. You see, people love to see what’s going on behind the scenes.

They like to get more context of the people that are involved and get some narrative, Why do you think Formula One is so popular now? it’s not like the sport has just changed dramatically or got better. It’s the same sport, but now people have a behind the scenes look of the actual drivers involved in their stories. Now, it’s one of the most popular sports in the world.

This story has engaged more viewers and I guarantee you and you can save of this video that golf is gonna become even more popular than it is and lots of people are gonna take up golf after the release of Full Swing.

But how can this be a lesson for your business? Simply show us more behind the scenes of what goes on at your brand, we started to implement behind the scenes a long time ago and it really did help us grow, but since we started doing our Day-In-The-Life-Like kind of content pieces where we follow the individuals in our team, we’ve got a lot more engagement, a lot more direct messages and actually people are coming to start working with us off the back of those videos because they understand who we are as people were not just another agency that you will come across when you scroll.

Engage customers who know and like and trust you will buy from you and that’s what this kind of content is doing.

So try it out for yourself.

Check out a video we made on this: